2024 Artificial Intelligence Developments to Keep an Eye On

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People often ask what developments lie ahead in the tech world. While I can't predict the future, I do my best to analyze indicators and make educated guesses. Based on current trends in the artificial intelligence (AI) field, here's what I anticipate will shake up 2024. So, buckle up - things are about to get interesting in this feature!

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) advances to a new level

Have you ever had trouble interacting with the AI assistant on your phone?

Well, the field of NLP is advancing quickly. Conversational interfaces that truly enable back-and-forth communication using more nuanced, natural language might be available by 2024.

I think Siri, Bixby, and Alexa will become incredibly good friends!

Talking to our devices could become as easy as talking to people due to improvements in speech generation and recognition. Yes, the age of magical speech is upon us!

  1. Supercharged recommendation engines are cool

How often have you wished your AI algorithm knew you better than your old homie? I reckon AI is almost there at that super-divine stage.

Advanced deep learning methods will likely supercharge systems that watch our habits and interests to serve up spot-on recommendations.

Think Netflix on steroids - able to foresee what shows, books or products we'll adore.

So, if you’re an email or digital marketer, get ready for next-level targeting. I believe AI is going to be invading our minds like Doctor Strange!

  1. AI artistry takes off in style

AI-driven tools and technologies, such as smart/autonomous machines, are now becoming more artistic. You know, like making art and music so good they could almost qualify for human creations.

In order to cultivate distinct and creative styles, CTOs are continuously adding additional intelligence to their AI systems.

Even young engineering grads and schoolchildren are taking on ambitious projects to build vast libraries of AI-powered algorithms.

Though I believe, the true innovators are humans, these AI bots are getting very close to producing art that is so lifelike that it is difficult to distinguish between them.

It resembles a cyclone of enthusiasm intermingled with a little disagreement inside the artistic community. AI is becoming more sophisticated and making waves at the same time!

  1. Deepfakes go deeper

By now I'm sure you've heard of deepfakes. I’m talking about AI-generated fake videos and images able to put words in people's mouths or transpose faces.

This unsettling technology is likely to become much more lifelike. Yes, AI is becoming more hyper-realistic.

With advanced neural nets, it may soon be impossible to distinguish simulated from genuine footage.

Though there are ample ethical concerns, deepfakes have the potential to democratize filmmaking and allow for new forms of expression.

Making sure they aren't utilized for deceit, manipulation or other evil intentions is the difficult part.

  1. Game-changing Edge AI is almost there

Edge AI is a ground-breaking development that is changing the way we engage with AI. These technologies bridge the gap between AI and humans by utilizing wearables, smartphones and sensors.

They process information in real-time and don't always need the internet.

Imagine your phone being able to identify faces or things right away without transferring information to the cloud. That is Edge AI in action!

Imagine a wearable health app that makes use of Edge AI. There is no need for constant internet access because it tracks vital signs, analyzes data locally and promptly alerts users or healthcare providers. This implies that it continues to operate continuously even in locations with weak or no internet.

  1. AI democratization is happening real

The introduction of open-source tools, pre-built AI models and cloud-based AI services is making AI adoption more affordable for businesses of all sizes. This is AI democratization, happening really fast in the industry.

The main advantage is that user-friendly AI platforms with low-code or no-code environments empower non-programmers to create and deploy AI applications easily. This allows individuals with domain expertise but limited coding skills to utilize AI without extensive programming knowledge.

As capabilities surge ever forward, responsible AI development remains crucial. Tech industries and professionals including CEOs and CTOs are also taking things seriously on this issue.

I anticipate major progress in creating the guardrails needed to align machine behaviors with human values.

Imagine an environment in which AI is being used by self-driving cars. It is imperative that these vehicles put the safety of people first.

Similarly, AI technology in healthcare must ensure patient privacy and moral judgment when making diagnosis and treatment decisions.

The intention is to avert such dystopian situations before they happen.

For example, if AI-driven monitoring technologies are not handled responsibly, they may violate people's rights.

The industry is investigating remedies including self-supervision systems to prevent similar situations. With this method, AI systems may keep an eye on their own actions to make sure they follow moral standards.

Furthermore, there is growing momentum behind the concept of creating Constitutional AI frameworks—basically, a set of guidelines governing AI behavior.

Countries like Australia, Canada, India, Latvia, Netherlands have already set up a preliminary framework and policy development for engaging with AI effectively.

So, I see an increasing trend of nations joining the league to guarantee the responsible and safe application of AI products and technologies.

Final agenda: Let’s go AI

This is a summary of the top 6 AI trends that will blow your mind:

Bid adieu to uncomfortable pauses! AI helpers are getting better at conversing with you like true friends—they can pick up on your subtle clues and even crack jokes. Get ready to become best friends with Siri, Bard and Alexa!

Get better recommendations on all digital platforms. Be it Facebook, Netflix or Amazon Prime, anticipate seeing more targeted suggestions.

Artistic robots are emerging! They are creating music, paintings and even poems that are so good they may pass for real. The prospects for the arts are incredible!

Get ready to be astounded by (and perhaps a bit alarmed by) phony pictures and movies that seem so real that you won't be able to tell which ones are fake.

You'll have your own personal AI superpower with your phone!

Finally, say goodbye to complex coding hassles! With the help of user-friendly platforms and open-source tools, AI is now available to everyone, even grandparents and small business owners.